May 12, 2009

Baking & Pastry Project Week 6 - Beer, Cheese & Cider

Baking & Pastry Project Week 6 - Beer, Cheese & Cider

Sometimes when I'm trying out a new recipe, I find it's a challenge to locate a particular piece of baking equipment called for in the directions. This can turn into a scavenger hunt, if you are looking for a small size of a particular pan rather than a large one. To help out, I've compiled a list of online retailers when you are looking for new baking equipment:

1. Sur la Table - A great resource, as they offer shopping in store, online and by catalog. They also offer cooking classes in their stores.

2. Williams-Sonoma - Another great place to shop. They have stores around the country and offer shopping by catalog and online as well.

3. Fantes - Located in Philadelphia, Fantes has a local store and offers cake decorating courses. They have a great online shop that has a great assortment of equipment for bakers as well as some things for cooks.

4. Kerekes - A Brooklyn establishment for over 50 years, Kerekes offers a wide array of equipment for bakers and cooks of all levels, focusing primarily on the professional chef.

5. Broadway Panhandler - Residing at 65 East 8th Street in Manhattan, they have a wide variety of equipment for bakers and cooks. Their best selection of equipment is for cooks.

6. The Baker's Catalogue (King Arthur's Flour) - Located in Vermont, King Arthur's offers catalog and online shopping. In Norwich, they have their flagship store and a Baking Education Center that offers classes for every level of baker.

7. Bridge Kitchenware - They are located in East Hanover, New Jersey, they offer a wide variety of equipment, glassware and dinnerware for cooks of every level. If you to to visit them, nearby is a restaurant supply store and across the street is bakery so you can refuel after hauling out your great finds.

8. J. B. Prince Company - A resource for the professional chef or a serious baker and cook, J. B. Prince is located at 36 East 31st on the 11th floor in Manhattan.

Do you have a favorite kitchen or restaurant supply store that offers online shopping? If you do, I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment below, so we can all visit your favorite shop.


Wednesday - Beer Bread

Friday - Belgian Apple Cider Bread

Shopping List

Brown Rice Flour (Fine or Superfine Grind)
Sweet Rice Flour (also called glutinous rice flour)
Arrowroot Starch
High Protein Flours, such as: Soybean, White Bean, Black Bean
Whole Grain Flour, such as: Buckwheat, Millet, Sorghum, Quinoa, Teff
Instant Dry Yeast
Sea Salt
Binding Agents, such as: Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Chia Seed Meal, Agar Agar Powder
Gluten Free Beer, such as Bard's Tale
Cottage Cheese
Apple Cider
Sour Cream


Flours & Binding Agents: Authentic Foods, Barry Farm, Bob's Red Mill
Instant Dry Yeast: Barry Farm
GF Beer: Whole Foods, natural foods market, grocery store, liquor store


No specific or unusual equipment is needed this week.

What's Going On?

I was a very lucky woman and received a copy of the Culinary Institute of America's Baking & Pastry book along with their culinary dvd's from my family for my birthday and our anniversary. After watching all the DVDs, I decided to work my way through the CIA's Baking and Pastry book - of course making it gluten free. There were so many skills that I wanted to develop and work on. I hope you will be interested in sharing my journey with me.

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Anonymous said...

What a comprehensive list! I for one cannot wait to see what today's bread looks like!

Sheltie Girl said...

Hi Shelly - There are a bunch of great website that sell baking & cooking equipment. I can't wait to make the bread either.