July 30, 2008

Amaretto Gateau with Midori Pistachio Praline Buttercream

A July Daring Bakers Challenge

This month's Daring Baker's Challenge was hosted by Chris of Mele Cotte. The recipe is for the Filbert Gateau with Praline Buttercream from Great Cakes by Carol Walter.

This is the second version of this cake that I made while on vacation with my family this month. The first one was devoured by my family before I had even finished making the buttercream. It was wonderful to know how delicious the cake was, but I really wanted to taste this cake all put together.

I waited until everyone was tired out from an afternoon spent in the hot Florida sun. While they were recovering, I hit the kitchen and whipped up another version of this cake. The gateau is made of almond meal and flavored with Amaretto. Then I brushed an Amaretto sugar syrup on each layer before spreading out the buttercream. The bottom layer of Swiss buttercream is pistachio praline flavored with Midori, a honeydew liquour. The top layer of buttercream is only flavored with Midori. The top layer of cake is covered with a lime curd glaze and then topped with chocolate ganache flavored with vanilla cognac. I had to use so much Midori liquour to get a nice flavor that we were jokingly calling this cake a "Snockered Gateau."

My family and I are on our way home and I'm having trouble with my internet connection. As soon as I can, I'll post my version of this recipe. If you would like to take a look the recipe now, visit Christ at Mele Cotte for the complete recipe.

Thanks Chris for a fabulous challenge. We thoroughly enjoyed eating this cake and it was a dream to make.