January 5, 2011

Off With A Bang

It's finally ours! We've partially moved into our new house, actually we're camping in it while we have some work done. We're tackling the things that it's easier to do when you've not yet moved into a house. So, we're putting in hardwood floors upstairs and then having all the floors refinished, a new tankless water heater and recirculator and a radiant barrier. There are more things on our list, but they can come later.

Right now it's loud and noisy. There are hammers banging, carpet tack strips being pulled up and the plumbers yelling back and forth from the attic to the second floor. Our dog is having a grand time running back and forth trying to see what everyone is doing, that is until the plumbers started drilling a large hole in the attic. Now, she's on high alert for any new sounds of potential disaster.