July 8, 2006

Thai Coconut Ice Cream - Gluten Free

For the Fourth of July , I try a Thai Coconut Milk Ice Cream for holiday menu. This recipe doesn't have any dairy products, so it has a milder flavor. In texture it's like a sorbet rather than an ice cream. This recipe is also gluten-free.


2 cups coconut milk or coconut cream (a richer alternative)
1 cup water
4 eggs
1 teaspoon of vanilla
pinch of salt
Optional ingredients: cooked corn or toasted coconut

Heat the coconut milk and water over medium heat, stirring continuously. Do not allow it to boil.
In a bowl beat four eggs, then add the other ingredients. Whisk gently. Transfer the mixture to a double boiler over gently boiling water, and slowly blend in the hot coconut milk. Sir the mixture until it thickens. It is ready when there is a sticky coat left of the back of the spoon when it is lifted from the mixture. Allow it to cool. Then put it into your ice cream freezer and process for 15 minutes. Put the ice cream into a storage container and chill for an hour. Serve with maple syrup.

This recipe was well received, except by my son. He couldn't get past the idea that I had put corn into one of his ice cream scoops. My daughter liked the version with maple syrup the best. My husband and I like the maple syrup version best too, but the corn was a unique alternative too.