May 16, 2011

Compassion & Life

My post for yesterday's post in support of the Day of Compassion, got waylayed by my own little challenge...I locked myself out of the house. Sigh.....I rushed out of the house thinking that I had put my keys in my pocket, when in reality they were still inside hanging in the lock. Right where I can see them...hanging there....mocking me....sigh.

Some of us have been there and done this before (mumble...mumble...I have....). It is still one of those moments you could do without.

However, it was one of those moments that I will treasure, because of my neighbors. They watched out for us, while we waited to get back inside. The hugs they gave us when all was well, were truly special.

Each day, we have an opportunity to reach out to someone give a hug, buy local, volunteer with a community organization, give a donation to your local Food Bank or the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Consider visiting your local pet shelter or contact an animal rescue group and adopting a pet. Check in on an elderly neighbor and visit.'s priceless.

May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day with your families or friends.  My family has banned me from the kitchen, so my husband can work his magic at the barbecue grill (He's our resident "Fire King".). He's treating me to his grilled chicken thighs basted in honey, gluten free soy sauce and Green's Dubbel Dark Ale (yep, it's gluten free). He's also fixing a bountiful offering of grilled fresh squash and corn.

I wouldn't be a Mom if it wasn't for my "Fire King," and my very own geek love. We found each other, discovered friendship and slowly fell in love. Over the years, our love grew and we added a son to our little family. As he grew, our love for him and each other grew even more. We decided to add another little one to our family several years later and were blessed with a daughter.

Parenthood has been a wild ride of joy, agnst, love, panic, hope, worry and pride for the children we cherish. They are growing into beautifully honorable people that I'm delighted to know and love. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you my dearest "Fire King" for our son and daughter.

Note: In the Houston area, you can find Green's Pale and Dark Ale at Whole Foods. Bard's Tale can be found at Spec's Liquor Stores.