July 20, 2007

Should You Eat Oats?

For a discussion on the health concerns about consuming oats, follow this link to an article at the Celiac Sprue Association. Celiac.com maintains a list of articles about oats that you can go to from their site. You can also read Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic (Collins, (c) 2006) by Dr. Peter Green and Rory Jones. It has a discussion on consuming oats, talking with your doctor and the safety of certified gluten free oats.

Talk to your doctor, if you've been given the go ahead for consuming certified gluten free oats, you can find them at: Gifts of Nature, Gluten Free Oats and Cream Hill Estates.

Before cooking oats for others who must maintain a gluten free diet make sure they have their doctor's okay to eat them.

As for me? I've talked to my doctor and she has given me the go ahead to eat certified gluten free oats.

Update 9/3/2007: Health Canada has updated their position on consuming oats. You can read more about it at Health Canada's website.


Erin S. said...

Oats can be a very controversial topic amongst celiacs. I was diagnosed in 1981 and haven't had an oat since then as suggested by my doctor. I do get curious at times what my reaction (or lack thereof) might be to oats, but I would rather not risk it.

Thanks for posting the CSA link.

Sheltie Girl said...

Erin - I agree that oats are a very controversial topic with celiacs. There are so many issues with oats, besides whether or not they were contaminated with gluten in the milling process.

I thought the article at the CSA was excellent. It highlighted exactly why oats might be okay for some, but not for others.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sheltie Girl