April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope you had a wonderful day with friends and family. Our family had an Easter celebration with a barbecue, Easter egg hunts for the little ones and, of course, the very necessary chocolate bunnies. My terrific sister-in-law made sure ours were gluten free.

We finished the work on our house and the air quality is significantly better. Thankfully, our son's asthma has calmed down being in a better home environment. My husband and I are really releaved at how much better he feels. Up next on our home list is wood rot. It's one of the dubious joys of living in a humid environment.

We've really enjoyed living in Houston. We're still trying to get things figured out, such as which doctors to use, where to get the car fixed and where to get your suits dry cleaned. We're making progress though and we've even managed to start building relationships with new physicians.

Our neighborhood has scoodles and scoodles of dogs and cats. It seems like everybody has a dog or two and maybe a cat or two. Some folks even have the additional menagerie of rabbits, lizards, mice and hamsters. We've got the lone Shetland Sheepdog. Her wish is that the neighbors would all let their rabbits loose, so she'd have something fun to chase. In her opinion, these cats are way, way too cranky for spontaneous bouts of joy.

I've got my pantry stocked and I've started baking again. I've been busy churning out muffins, bread (the current favorite is biscuits) and focaccia. Plus, a few batches of cookies for good measure. One of my favorite things is to walk into my house and it smells of the foods we love to eat.

More to come...

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