March 26, 2007

Mascarpone & Cream Cheese Frosting - Gluten Free

It was time to frost the birthday cake and I needed to pick out a frosting recipe. I needed one that would be soft enough to spread over a shaped gluten-free cake as the shaped parts would be crumbly. Also, the frosting needed to be flavorful and something that my daughter would like. One of her favorite frostings is cream cheese, however it is a firmer frosting. Then I remembered mascarpone frosting and thought it might have the potential to work on the crumbly dolphin cake.

After doing a taste test, I decided that the mascarpone frosting might be too mild in flavor. My daughter would prefer something a little stronger, so I decided to jazz up the recipe a little for her. I worked on the frosting recipe and this is what I came up with for the cake:


4 Tb butter, softened
5 oz mascarpone cheese, softened
3 oz cream cheese, softened
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
16 oz powdered sugar, sifted

Cream the butter, mascarpone cheese and cream cheese until fluffy. Then add the vanilla. Slowly add the powdered sugar and whip. Scrape down the sides of your mixing bowl as necessary. Spread on a cooled cake.

How did the cake and frosting go over? Great! The cake had a wonderful flavor and the frosting was the perfect addition. We all enjoyed the cake and the party was fun too.


Karina said...

This frosting sounds creamy and delicious!

Sheltie Girl said...

Karina - Yes, it was very delicious and soft enough not to tear apart the cake.

Sheltie Girl