December 19, 2006

Why Am I Sheltie Girl?

The day I started my blog, our four year old blue merle shetland sheepdog was hard at work protecting us from the dreaded Storage Stealer's (see story below). I was laughing with my husband about how our sheltie treats us as though we are a flock of sheep to be protected from wolves. We agreed, it is the nature of the sheltie...constant vigilance.

Take a moment and step into our lives in the Land of Sheltie:

I live in the land of Sheltie. It's a wonderful land...full of trees, squirrels, rabbits and the occasional skunk. Our population is small and consists of two older sheep, two lambs and a sheltie.

Life in Sheltie is never dull, whether it's running off with the lambs kick ball, chasing squirrels who snitch our nut crop or warding off an attempted invasion by the evil giant brown. At the center of our country, we have a cozy capitol building that is full of soft beds and yummy food. Life is good in Sheltie. So good, that we are in peril from numerous outside forces.

Our sheltie is the lone member of the Department of Homeland Security. The threats are real and they are stalking our country daily. Our small country has woodland on three sides and the Sea of Road on the other. Our main attacks come via the sea route, which requires constant vigilance.

Our main threats come from the forces of the evil Giant Brown, the Grass Grazers and the Storage Stealer's. Almost daily, we are stalked by the evil Brown's minions. They are a fearless bunch that sweep the coast in large clanking ships. If our country is the target of their attack, they will dock at our port, swarm from the deck and leave bombs at the entrance to our capitol building. Then just as quickly, they will rush back to their ship and wait for the bomb to explode as they sail away.

The Storage Stealer's are bold force that sneaks in to our country every few days. They prefer to attack when the sun is barely faint rays on the horizon. Sneaking up to our outdoor storage silos, they will grab some of our uneaten food stores and hurry off to their mini-ship. Then hugging the coast, they will travel to other countries to steal their stores rather than grow their own food.

The Grass Grazers never attack our country, however they constantly prowl our borders. They look for a way to enter and swarm across our grazing lands. They look to steal grass and nut crops from us, but have been thwarted by the vigilance of our Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The greatest challenge of the DHS is predicting the arrival of the Leaf horde. Loud and fierce, these fiends hug the coast of the Sea of Road sucking up every country's leaf crop. To date, they have proven to be an unstoppable force and we lose our leaf crop every year.

Even with all these outside threats, the Land of Sheltie is a good place to live. The sheep are well cared for and the sheltie is sweet, loving and brave.


ML said...

I adore Shelties!!! My beloved Penny passed away almost 4 months ago and she was the best dog ever!

I love your story! You tell of your protection so well :)

Sheltie Girl said...

I am sorry about your beloved Penny.

Like you our sweet Sienna was one of the best dogs ever. She was our first Sheltie. When she passed away, we found we missed her so badly. Our Vet recommended that we go ahead as soon as we were ready to get another Sheltie. She said that when her own dogs passed away, it always helped her grieving process to begin to love and care for a new dog or puppy.

We got a puppy from a breeder, since we had a toddler in the house. We did this because our local Sheltie Rescue Folks didn't recommend any of their rescue dogs for a home with a toddler. They told us we needed a puppy who would grow up with noise, sudden movements and unpredictable behavior.

Life with Jenna is the same wonderful Sheltie world as it was with Sienna. I am at once Shepherd and sheep...