April 23, 2006

My Start & Inspiration for Blogging Gluten-Free

I am gluten-free - not by choice, but by necessity as I have those little antibodies that don't like gluten. I don't have enough antibodies to be considered a celiac, but enough to be gluten sensitive.

My diagnosis for gluten sensitivity came after I had just had surgery for early stage breast cancer. I went to see an integrative physician in order to get my body healthy after surgery and radiation therapy. Her first step after taking my medical history and looking at all my test results was to send me off to the lab for more blood work. Those additional blood tests discovered my gluten sensitivity and new hypothyroid condition.

Taking up the gluten free challenge, I tackled my first big holiday and made a gluten free meal that was delightful for my entire family. It was auspicious that my first big gluten free event was a success, because I've had many a recipe fail since then. So, I have endeavored to approach the world of gluten-free food and cooking with gusto and an explorer's heart.

After searching the internet and checking out gluten free cook books from our local library, I began my quest for decent tasting food. It has been delightful and challenging, but I will post the best of my experiments and lightly gloss over some of my baking failures. I'm learning how to cook gluten free and it's a grand adventure. My family isn't gluten sensitive, however they are joining me in my quest for better gluten free food. They celebrate with me on my successes and they help me compost my failures.

I have purchased a wide variety of gluten free foods and have been so disappointed in the flavors of these items. Many of the gluten free cook books that I checked out from our library didn't provide me with the food flavors that I longed to eat. In frustration, I decided to turn to my favorite recipes and adapt them into something that was delicious and healthier to eat.

As time has gone on other food allergies have made their way into our lives. My daughter and I are now allergic to tomatoes and peppers. We tend to avoid all the nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and eggplant) since potatoes and eggplant can sometimes bother us too. My daughter is allergic to barley and I'm allergic to wheat. Our children have developed an intolerance to gluten, dairy and soy. Over time, I have also developed an intolerance to foods that contain xanthan gum, so all of my recipes use other foods that can act as binders.

I am very thankful for the other gluten free bloggers who were already on the internet. Many of them offered new recipes to try and add some to my list of family favorites. I decided to join the gluten free blogging community and share the results of my gluten free experiments.

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