October 15, 2009

Multigrain Bread with Pate Fermentee (B&P30)

What could be better than a hearty and delicious teff multigrain roll? My kids would say a 15 inch gluten free pepperoni pizza. Well...they've got me there.  However, these are mighty tasty rolls with a lovely crisp crust.

You will need to do a little preplanning to fix this recipe. You will need 9 different grains along with flaxs eed and unsalted sunflower seeds to make the multigrain soaker.  I used chia seeds (salba), sesame seeds, whole plantago seeds (psyllium or Indian wheat), hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, millet, teff, amaranth and teff.  If you want you can substitute black sesame seeds for the plantago seeds. Then you will need flax seeds (gold or brown) and unsalted sunflower seeds, in addition to the 9 seeds and grains.



Protein Content:
Original Content: 15.82 g
GF Content: 15.8 g

9 Grain Soaker (28 g)

3 g chia seeds (salba)
3 g whole plantago seeds (psyllium or Indian wheat)
3 g hemp seeds (shelled)
3 g sesame seeds
3 g pumpkin seeds
3 g kasha
3 g amaranth grain
3 g millet grain
3 g quinoa grain
3 g teff grain (brown or ivory)
4 g flax seeds (brown or golden)
6 g unsalted sunflower seeds
39 ml water, cold

Combine all the seeds, grains and water in a plastic container and cover with a lid. Soak at room temperature until the mixture has absorbed the water, approximately 8 to 12 hours.

Note: According to On Food And Cooking: The Science And Lore Of The Kitchen (2004) by Harold McGee, do not use sorghum in sprouting, because as the seed germinates, it produces a protective cyanide-generating system. It's found in the seed coating. (pg. 482)  I would recommend avoiding using sorghum in the soaker.


15 g brown rice flour (1.35 g)
11 g sweet rice flour (.66 g)
10 g arrowroot starch (.3 g)
22 g white bean flour (3.06 g)
__________________________replaces bread flour
12 g sesame seed meal (3.06 g)
24 g ivory teff flour (2.64 g)
24 g brown rice flour (2.16 g)
__________________________replaces wheat flour
24 g instant dry yeast
4 g sea salt
105 ml water
10 ml agave syrup
66 g pate fermentee
64 g 9-grain soaker

1. Place all the dry ingredients in a large bowl and blend together. In a medium sized bowl, pour in the water, agave syrup, pate fermentee and the 9 grain soaker, then stir. Pour the liquid ingredients into the dry ingredients until it forms a soft ball.

2.  Place in the center of a sheet of parchment paper that has arrowroot starch sprinkled on it. Divide the dough into 8 balls.  Slice down the center with a sharp knife.  Slide the parchment paper onto a cookie sheet and set in a warm location and allow to rise for 1 hour. 

3.  Place a baking stone in the oven and preheat to 450 degrees F/232 degrees C.  Slide the parchment paper onto the baking stone and bake for 15 minutes.  Cool completely before serving.

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Lauren said...

Honestly, it looks like a wheat bread! Great job - those 9 grains and seeds must be doing something right!

I Am Gluten Free said...

I'd love to try this, but what is pate fermentee?

Natalie, aka "Sheltie Girl" said...

Hi I Am Gluten Free, Thank you for stopping by. Pate Fermentee is the uncooked & unrisen dough of (in this case) a lean bread dough.

I hope that helps,